Saturday, May 23, 2015

Unboxing: Accessories from Closet Child!

I've had a bit of packages arriving in the mail as of late...

I actually have one more package on its way from Japan 
and that one will be the last one I'm waiting for.

It's safe to say that there are no other things I have my eye on AS OF YET. 
Well, when it comes to lolita, there are no other items that I need to buy at the moment.
There are a few eye shadow palettes that I've been wanting to buy from certain brands. 

Aside that, here's a video of my Closet Child accessories haul. 
Just like how I've mentioned before in a previous post and in this video, 
Closet Child is really great to buy from.  

You don't need a shopping service, items are priced at a really good value, 
they always have nice stuff in stock (if you're on the lookout), and they process
your order really quick. They ship out your stuff really quick too. I highly recommend 
Closet Child if you want affordable brand, but without the hassle of a shopping service fee. 
Especially, if you're rather new to lolita, the staff at Closet Child are very friendly and are willing
to answer any of your questions or attend to any concerns. Pretty much check out Closet Child if you haven't already! 

You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unboxing: I've been buying a lot of crap lately.

Nothing new, am I right?? 

I have nothing better to contribute to the lolita 
community than showing off what I've bought.

Well, here I am with a video of my latest lolita haul. 
The whole thing was recordered through a webcam. 
So, in advance I apologize for the crappy quality. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Unboxing: Lolita Stuff From Taobao!

I've decided to make an unboxing video for the simple fact that I am too lazy to create an actual post.  It is sort of easier to film a video, and edit the video than it is to have to deal with taking pictures and writing out an actual post.  Well, a video takes up less space on a post than pictures do! 

That's always a plus. 

The video above is from two years ago? 
It was also featured on my old blog,

I'm feeling a little strange about that ... 
Time has gone by so quickly.

 It does not feel like that much time has passed by!

I apologize for my awkwardness and blank facial expressions
My mind goes blank whenever I'm in the "spotlight". 
I forget what to say and even HOW to say it!

Also, yes, I have a deep voice. 

People who have met me first through the internet
and then get to meet me in person are always surprised!
Most people do not expect a tiny girl to have such a ... husky voice. 

Anyways, thanks for watching both videos if you did!