Thursday, December 4, 2014

˚ஐ₊✧ Closet Child Review [2014] ⁺˳ஐ༚

Hello everyone! 

I am feeling pretty hyped about this upcoming Saturday!
My lolita community will be hosting a three day meet up at Walt Disney World.

Unfortunately, I'll only be able to attend on Saturday due to dealing with finals and having other arrangements. Regardless, I'm still pretty excited! I have an outfit that I might wear specifically for this event. I'm contemplating it since its the same outfit I would like to wear for another event coming up, but we'll see. 

A while back, I had spoke of three dresses I would love to own. Around a week and half ago, I had posted on my tumblr about how much I really wanted to own Sweetie Violet in navy. I had a follower reblog that post and then there was another tumblr user who reblogged that post right after. This sweet girl was kind of enough to provide a link to Angelic Pretty's  Sweetie Violet on Closet Child. Why have I not been checking up on Closet Child every day for dream dress purposes is beyond me. I am not sure when Sweetie Violet was in stock, but I did remember checking Closet Child earlier in November. I saw that they had the matching head bow to my Candy Treat JSK. At that time I decided against buying it since I could not find anything else I was interested in. Thankfully, I waited until later within that month until Sweetie Violet appeared on the shop. 

♡✧November 24th  Purchase was made for the Sweetie Violet JSK in navy and for the Candy Treat head bow. Closet Child had sent me an email confirmation about my order. After purchasing my items, I had a bit of doubt about whether or not my address was correct. You see, Closet Child's webshop is entirely in Japanese except for certain sections. When buying my stuff, I had to follow a guide provided by CC on how to input all of my information onto the shipping section from the checking-out-process. I had felt easily confused when it came to choosing a country. It was mainly because all of the country names were all in kana. 

I was a little worried ... I decided to google translate 'The United States of America" into Japanese to see what I got. 

I started comparing the kana with all of the names on the drop-down menu list and thankfully, I found it quickly.

I decided to send CC an email asking to confirm with me if my address was correct. 

♡✧November 25th Closet Child's staff replies back to my email and confirmed with me about my address. It was correct and I was paranoid for no reason. 

♡✧November 26th Package was shipped out!

♡✧November 29th Package arrives around the early morning.

Communication: ❤❤❤❤❤
Shipping: ❤❤❤❤❤
Product(s): ❤❤❤❤❤

Overall, Closet Child were very quick, and organized with my order. They were also very cautious with the packaging. This was my first time buying from them and I will definitely order from them again in the future. The only confusing part of the whole process of ordering from CC is when you have to figure out your country's name in Japanese. Google translate does not always work effectively  so I was expecting myself to choose the wrong country from the drop-down menu. CC expects you to know your country's name in kana which can feel nerve wrecking. In terms of quality, both head bow and dress were both rated as 3/5 on CC's listings. Despite the so-so rating, these items were in better conditions than I thought! The dress looks absolutely lovely in person and does not feel worn out. The head bow does show signs of wear, though the head bow looks in good shape. I'm really happy that I was able to obtain this dress. I'd like to consider the dress as an early birthday gift to myself. Actually, I have multiple gifts that I bought for myself as 'birthday' gifts. 

My wallet definitely took some hits for the team.

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