Monday, March 2, 2015

Unboxing: Lolita Stuff From Taobao!

I've decided to make an unboxing video for the simple fact that I am too lazy to create an actual post.  It is sort of easier to film a video, and edit the video than it is to have to deal with taking pictures and writing out an actual post.  Well, a video takes up less space on a post than pictures do! 

That's always a plus. 

The video above is from two years ago? 
It was also featured on my old blog,

I'm feeling a little strange about that ... 
Time has gone by so quickly.

 It does not feel like that much time has passed by!

I apologize for my awkwardness and blank facial expressions
My mind goes blank whenever I'm in the "spotlight". 
I forget what to say and even HOW to say it!

Also, yes, I have a deep voice. 

People who have met me first through the internet
and then get to meet me in person are always surprised!
Most people do not expect a tiny girl to have such a ... husky voice. 

Anyways, thanks for watching both videos if you did! 

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