Tuesday, December 30, 2014

੭̸*✧⁺˚ Christmas Themed Headband ੭̸*✧⁺˚

I have received so many compliments for this headband that I still can't believe it. 

I really did not think much of this headband after I was done putting it together. All of the materials were bought at a Micheal's Arts & Crafts and it took about an hour. I sincerely believed that my headband was going to come off as mediocre in the eyes of most. To my surprise, the reaction was the exact opposite. Everyone at the International Lolita Day meet up were at awe with the headband. A few girls had asked me what I used and if I did commissions? I was incredibly honored to have had   so much praise for something I thought little of. I suppose, I might be to harsh on myself!

When I had crafted the headband, I loved it and in the same time I felt that it probably was not as good. There I go, modest in nature and pessimistic in perspective. I'm not sure if I could ever create such a thing again, but if I do hopefully it will come out just as good! 

I should of documented the entire process with details and actually REMEMBER the proper names for the materials that were utilized. 

So far, I only have these webcam photos to somewhat portray the process: 

I remember spending almost two and half hours at Micheal's with a cart full of junk. I was so indecisive that I kept putting things in the shopping cart, taking them back out and placing them back to their designated areas, and then I would change my mind again and go back to said area to put the same item back in my cart. It was a really tough process on envisioning how my headband would turn out without even having any detailed imagery of it in my mind.

The initial ideas behind the headband were the driven factors for the overall project. I wanted to somewhat model my headband after a christmas tree and a wreath. Of course, what do both have in common? All of that green! The headband mainly gives off a christmas tree feel due to the star and the type of garland I chose. The only wreath inspired items was the red ribbon wrapped around the headband and the berries randomly placed throughout it. I pretty much took my favorite parts from christmas trees (Star on top, presents, and toys) and christmas wreaths (Red ribbon, red berries,  and bows) and combined them all together to go as close as possible to what I wanted to accomplish. My main goal and desire was to make sure that everything would revolve around that star on top. Like most lolitas, I LOVE STAR MOTIFS. The idea of utilizing a star-on-top idea had me feeling ecstatic.   I was really happy at how beautiful it looks with the headband. 

In short, when creating something original, you want to have a few core materials or a core theme to revolve your project around. You have to stay organized with your thoughts to be able to remain consistent because it is very easy to stray off from your original ideas. Especially, when you feel like giving up. 

It is also very important to remain patient and cautious. Take your time while browsing the internet or  your local craft store for materials. TAKE YOUR TIME. Do not just settle for less! I wish I could of been more patient enough to absorb this type of advice a while ago. Impulsivity will result in problems. This advice can go towards when creating a lolita outfit as well. Be critical, be observant, open your eyes, place your personal values in front of you, use common sense to understand your limits, balance out a modest yet determined perspective and most importantly ... 

Be yourself, and breathe.

If you did a good job, than you did a good job. If you felt that you did terrible, at least you've enjoyed yourself! Everyone fails at plenty of things. 

It is your determination to push forward that shines through.  

I wore my headband out of pure enjoyment and it was absolutely worth it. 
I had my doubts, and I had my insecurities.
Regardless, it was worth the effort. 

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  1. Man I remember seeing this on snapchat <3
    Everything looks soooo amazing. I especially love the cute gumball machine *___* !!