Monday, August 12, 2013


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These past two weeks have been pretty much boring and exhausting.
I've been feeling easily tired as of late ...
I'm not quite sure why but it is pretty frustrating.
I feel unmotivated most of the time and I end falling asleep easily during the day.
Which in turn, ends up giving me sleeping problems during the night.

I actually have stuff  I'd like to review but haven't had the motivation to go through with it.
I've been preoccupying my mind with Attack on Titan (SNK) and Evangelion related stuff.
I decided to get back into the Evangelion series last week because I felt the need to do so.
I'm currently reading the manga for the series and then I'm planning on watching the anime series again.
So far, I'm really loving the manga for it!

I've always felt that with manga a story and its characters are able to comfortably develop.
Which is why for the most part I'll always prefer manga over anime ...
With manga its less time consuming, and as mentioned the story is more in depth. 

Speaking of Evangelion and of SNK, I did end up buying a few things last week ... (─‿‿─)


I've been waiting months for the Evangelion figurines above to release.
They're all from the lastest Rebuild of Evangelion film, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo.
The film has already been released on Bluray in Japan back in April ...
Though, I do not plan on watching it until Funimation dubs the film.
I'm eagerly waiting with heaps of excitement. (。♥‿♥。)

I cannot stress enough how much of an important impact this series has had on my life.
I'm not sure if its because I am able to see myself in each character.
I'm not sure if its even because the harsh reality that exists in the story feels somewhat comforting.
Something about Evangelion just makes me feel drawn to everything about it.
Something about Shinji reminds me of my own personality at times and that may be a
reason why I love it so much.  

Its not just a fictional character controlling a humanoid robot ...
Its a person, an actual emotion bearing, inexperienced, fragile boy controlling something he had
never seen in his entire life. He acts so naturally towards everything that has happened to him which is what
I love the most. Sure, it feels frustrating when Shinji becomes too wimpy and stubborn for our tastes ...
Though, we forget the actual reality of the story and Shinji makes sure to remind us of that reality.
Shinji's what keeps the story from being too fictional.
He pretty much will occasionally crush your motivation as you're attempting to root for him.
Its what most people dislike about Shinji ... Strangely, its what I love the most about him.

These past 3 months have just been ... on and off for me.
There are times where I feel the happiest and well ... there are times where I felt depressed.
We live by trying to find purpose and meaning in our lives.
Without direction we lose sight of our happiness and we then proceed to feel discouraged.
Its as if the only way to truly feel alive is to pinpoint something that will act as your life support.

I've been feeling pretty confused about my own personal purpose in life.

I'm hoping it'll come to mind eventually, though, meanwhile I'll continue to maintain a happier mentality.

★ ~☆

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