Monday, September 2, 2013

Circle Lenses Review: Geo Princess Mimi aka Bambi Lens Chocolate. ☆彡

Welp, Its been a while once again!
This past month has been hectic for me to the point where I haven't had any time for this blog.
The personal time I did end up having would go straight to reading manga.
I've also developed a slight addiction to listening to some music on soundcloud while I read manga.
It feels unproductive but so nice to just sit back and relax while reading.

Any who, these Princess Mimi lenses I've bought are from
I'm really fond of the Princess Mimi lenses series in general that I couldn't pass up on
on trying these out in Chocolate. I actually had previously owned and own again, the
Princess Mimi aka Bambi lenses in Apple Green. I loved the design so much for the Bambi
series that I had to get them again in Chocolate. Since I needed a pair of brown lenses I 
just wanted to give these a shot and see how they'd look.

Color ☆彡

I was expecting the color on these to appear lighter? Although they appear beautifully when
light's reflected onto these lenses ... In most cases they just appear to be dark brown.
Though, I do sort of like that they're dark brown because my natural eye color looks
exactly the lenses. So, it helps give off a more natural look while in the same time it
enlarges my eyes. 

Enlargement ☆彡

The size for these are 15mm.
No need for further explanation.
The enlargement on these is perfect.

Comfort ☆彡

As I've mentioned previously on my last review ...
Geo lenses are always super comfy on my eyes.
Especially, the Princess Mimi Bambi series and to no surprise these
 Chocolate lenses are pretty comfortable.

Overall ☆彡

All around, I enjoy wearing these lenses except I was genuinely upset with how dark they are ...
Though, I then grew to love how they looked after wearing them.
They've actually became my to-go lenses when I'm in a hurry and in need of a more natural look.

Again, they're really comfortable and enlarging so normal people who are unaware of cirlcle lenses
won't question your eyes as much ... Especially if you have a darkish brown eye color such as myself.

I highly recommend these if you need something comfortable, natural, and enlarging.


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