Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Oh my goodness.
I've allowed this blog to die! Poor thing ...
( ̄◇ ̄;)

 I have just been extremely lazy with updating! 
If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook I have 
been pretty active on there. My Tumblr is somewhat active to say the least.
I've just been concentrating on my own personal interest and I do not 
necessarily live an eventful life ...

I guess you could say very few things has happened.
Not much goes on in Orlando and on most days the weather is just too
bothersome to deal with. I find myself constantly wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Although, I did get to go to the Kyary concert in NYC back in last month! 
I also had a chance to attend my first Lolita meet up last month as well.
Hopefully, I will be able to attempt posting about those later on.~

Ah, the highlight of my life at the moment is the fact that I'm attempting to indulge myself more
into catering my thirst for fashion. I've realized how easily I spend money on ...
Pretty much ... Any thing ... Errr...

There is no real need, as I tell myself constantly, to blind yourself from your goals.
If you want to achieve a specified appearance for yourself, you have to work for it.
Cliche, although, it is as simple and as effective as it sounds.
You have to maintain an incredible amount of will power to keep your mind focused.
Maintaining focus has always been a true challenge of mines. Fluctuating rapidly from
one idea to the next describes how the creative process in my brain works.
As much as it is good that I have the capability of improvising and staying on my feet ...

It also has a major disadvantage. 

I never finish what I start ... I've initiated a good amount of projects but, they have
never shown any form of momentum. An obsession will form with what ever comes to mind
and I act upon it for a bit. Though, I tend to quickly forget about said idea and have an 
urgency to move on to the next. 

Lately, I have been trying to stop myself from thinking in a particular way.
As this notable saying goes, Rome was certainly not built in a day ...
We also can't forget, Though it doesn't hurt to try does it?

Here's an outfit from yesterday's date with the good ol' boyfriend:

Here's a delicious sandwich I ate at Earl's Sandwich over at Downtown Disney:

Oh my goodness ... I'm craving a sandwich like this right now.


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