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As September comes to an end I've been really inspired to take better care of my appearance!
For starters, I have had a bad habit of neglecting my hair.
Instead of investing in more effective and helpful hair products ...
I just end up buying any regular shampoo and conditioners and pretty much just call it a day.

In return, my hair is brittle, dry, and coarse from the lack of proper treatment. 
I forget to get my split ends trimmed every 6 weeks so then my split ends worsen through time. 
Whenever I have someone dye my hair it's sort of a one time thing and then 4 months later
my hair is an array of awkward colors ... From the dye's and my natural hair. Ever since
I've started the habit of utilizing wigs I've been pretty much lazy with my hair. 

The main reason is due to the fact that my hair is part curly and part Afro-textured or "nappy" for
a more familiarized term. My dad has really curly hair and my mom has strictly "nappy" hair so
pretty much my hair stems from that. It's pretty annoying, and ever since I was a child I've had to
go through hair relaxers.

For those who aren't aware of what a hair relaxer is, it's pretty much the complete opposite
of a perm. A relaxer is a cream that pretty much "loosens" up tight curls or kinks in the hair
in which helps with straightening the hair. The hair does not necessarily become permanently 
straight but it does help it become bearable when it comes to brushing and flat ironing hair. 

Although, relaxers sound like a practical remedy, its actually not meant for anyone who
have "good" hair as my family and I call it. Its actually just as dangerous as bleaching your
hair and can cause serious damage to your hair if not applied correctly. If you use relaxers
for your hair its also a fact that you cannot both 'relax' and bleach your hair when you've
already done either or. Due to those circumstances is where I've had many depressing nights ...

I've always wanted to have more lighter colors in my hair like blonde, or any pastel colors
added to my hair. Though, because my hair has already been chemically treated by relaxers,
there's no chance of me ever applying bleach to the hair. Also, due to the hair relaxers, my 
hair never improves and my hair slowly grows. 
(Though, I have been using castor oil and it's been helping with the growth issue.)

It does not help as well that I flat iron my hair once a week ...
That's additional damage added to the hair with no proper hair products to strengthen the hair.
I do use heat protecting serums and straightening serums but they are not the right type of  help
my hair is in need of.

I've told two of my best friends about my hair issues and they've done some research on their own.
They' ve also, have issues with their own hair as both of them have bleached theirs many times.
They've also have had brittle and dry hair so they've recommended me some products I should use.

I've been recommended to use Argan Oil to help soften, strengthen, and protect my hair.
So, I went ahead and bought One 'n Only's Argan oil shampoo and conditioner.
I bought from their Color Oasis series because about two weeks ago my hair was dyed to Plum Brown. 

Around that time as well is when I first bought these products
and immediately started using them. Right using these products, instantly I felt the results.
My hair was really soft surprisingly, the texture actually felt bearable, and the hair looked a bit healthier. 
I've also had my split ends trimmed off so the appearance of my hair in general was just really nice.

(How my hair looks at the moment)

I'm going to end up giving these products a proper review after I've finished using them.
So far, I'm really liking what I see and feel.

My other best friend (not the same one mentioned above) is an aspiring hair stylist. 
She went ahead and gave me these products to try out.
The one on the left is a leave in type product and it pretty much helps with detangling, 
helps stop hair breakage, repairs dry damaged hair, prevents split ends, seals and protects hair color,
controls frizz and adds on shine.The products on the right pretty much is a Keratin type treatment and
has the same exact effect as the spray but its in an oil form. I'm pretty excited to try these
out and will definitely try to use one of these as soon as I can. 

Not only have I've been trying to take better care of my hair, I've also been trying to take
better care of my lips, eyebrows, and ...

I've been dying to get my hands on some Lush cosmetics for proper skin care.

As excited as I am about actually taking better care of my hair I know of one underlying
factor that always seems to be my downfall ... 

The fact that I always fail at staying committed.

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