Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Alice and the Pirates Dress! Now ... Where to even begin? ★


There has been a pesky little thought that has been agonizing me for weeks ...

How on earth am I going to coordinate these two new dresses I bought?!
It's do or die when it comes to coordinating.
I am no where near where I want to be when it comes to accomplishing my Lolita goals.
Unfortunately, I have the right materials and opportunities but what is it exactly that I lack?

I mean, for starters a lot of finances for Lolita right?

Have you seen the intricate brand accessories that will cause you to twitch out of desperation?
How expensive said accessories are? 

I would certainly love to blow off $40 on Angelic Pretty wrist cuffs but... 
Reasons are obvious, and well my budget can only stretch out so far.
Though, I am extremely fortunate to be in the position where I am today.
Even though, I can't feed into my inner perfectionist brand whore desires, 
I still have the ability to obtain brand items regardless. 

Also, websites such as Bodyline and Taobao are a complete life saver.
They're cheaper compared to brand, although, cheaper yet above the norm
that you would spend money on clothing for.  On average I'd like to admit
that I have never spent over $30 on any normal type clothing. So, entering into
the Lolita realm was indeed intimating but it becomes worth it after a while.
The gratification you gain from receiving and wearing your Lolita items are indescribable.
The dresses themselves are completely, eloquently, evidently ... 

Oh goodness, I'm inadvertently quoting a verse from a Nujabes song

Well, what I was attempting to romanticize is that Lolita dresses are evidently master pieces. 
From the lace, to the print details, to even the fabric specifically chosen for a construction
of a design...  I am not the first person to have stated the above and I certainly will not be the last.

My very first Alice and the Pirates dress! Ghost Town in Merry Making JSK I in red!

This print has been one of  my dream dresses ever since its release!
I had stumble upon this dress on Yahoo Auctions Japan about two weeks ago.
I immediately had contacted my Shopping Service when I saw it. This was
the colorway I wanted too so I felt ecstatic when I bought it. What was even more exciting
was the fact that the seller did not mention (and had no pictures included) of the pair
of socks that are part of this print series. Pretty much, I ended up receiving my package
and when I opened it I saw the JSK and socks! It was a very lovely surprise. 

Back in February I had done a reservation for both items above.~
On the left is the Spinning Song Mini Marching Hat in Black x Black.
On the right is the Flim-Flam Holiday of a Musical Band JSK in Black.
These two items are both Alice and the Pirates and were suppose to be my first AATP items.
I am still waiting upon receiving them and I'd have to dive into the topic about that later on.
I wanted to wear these for an upcoming meet up in late May though that's a long time from now.
If anything, if these to don't come in on time I have other stuff I can wear.
(Maybe the Ghost Town dress?)

 I'm also waiting on these items to come in from Taobao as well:

Oh, oh, oh and cannot forget these two wigs I ordered:

I've also been buying accessories at local shops near by.
I am feeling nervous as I type as I keep thinking about how my two outfits will turn out!
I can only cross my fingers and hope for time to fly by ...
I just want to get all of my stuff already!