Tuesday, July 22, 2014



Last entry for this blog was back in April ... 
Yikes, lots of catching up to do! 
Right now, I am watching an episode from American Horror Story's second season, Asylum.
I've been trying to catch up on most television shows/anime/films that I've always wanted
to watch. Seeing as I only have about 3 weeks before my first day of school... 
I'm trying to take advantage of this free time as much as possible. 

Before my life becomes enslaved to studying and working.

May, June, July ... 
Three months worth of event related material that would appear unexciting
if I decided to write it all out within one single post. So, I've compiled a collage 
of selfies and a few random pictures to sum up the past four months. 

・My boyfriend and I purchased Disney annual passes for the year.
・I attended my second Lolita meet up over at Downtown Disney.

・My best friend's birthday and pretty much ... just that. (´⌓`)

・Enrolled in for classes
・Bought new Lolita stuff

Not much has happened though that's pretty normal for my life.
I mainly enjoy time on my own so events are not always a priority but I do
enjoy socializing at times! I've been mainly coming home from work everyday
and instantly lurking through the internet for any Lolita related news. 

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