Friday, July 25, 2014


(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 ... 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

It's been a rough past two days for me, I'm hoping everyone else has had a good week!
I feel physically and emotionally drained which is no bueno
It started out with me happily wearing my Dream Sky JSK to go run some errands
with my best friend to angrily dealing with a car accident by the end of the night.
Someone had rear-ended my car WHILE AT A RED LIGHT. 
I don't like how people drive in my city and I will happily spread the word on how shitty
drivers are around here. Even my future sister-in-law refuses to drive through my city.
She always makes my brother drive their car when they come to visit us. 

If the car accident wasn't enough, when I arrived home I had to deal with some serious
altercations with my family. Everyone apologized to each other the next day so at least there
was an understanding of what went wrong ... Though, everything was just so unnecessary.
 Recently, a box full of stuff I've bought through a Taobao Shopping Service arrived and I 
haven't even had the chance to look through it. 

Hopefully, today I will be able to calmly look through my stuff and sort them out. 
Dream Sky arrived sometime in the beginning of this week and instantly I opened the
 package and decided to wear it out as soon as I could.

I have a special love for majority of Angelic Pretty dresses. My collection of AP
dresses vary from distinctively different prints from one another to completely
different color schemes. I can't quite explain it but each dress Angelic Pretty releases 
have their own special charm that has grip over my heart. As much as I look at a specific
AP dress and think "Hmm ... I don't know if I like this one enough ... " chances are the 
more I see that specified dress featured in a coordinate the more I fall in love. 
That's exactly what happened with Dream Sky.

Dream Sky, when it first released, was pretty different from the AP norm. It was 
especially different compared to your usual silhouette that you would normally find in a lolita dress.

(Dream Sky JSK in Navy, First Release)

Last week, I bought this dress (Dream Sky JSK in Navy, Second release)
out of complete impulse. (My wallet is severely in pain)
Lately, I have been lurking through Yahoo! Japan Auctions and so far this would
make the second dress I've bought from there within the past 6 months. The first

I used to fear about ordering through a shopping service on a website that is just
as reliable as eBay. I must say, those fears instantly vanish once you spot your
dream dress on Y!JA or Mbok for a really good price (especially when they're Buy it Now's!).
Ever since buying Merry Making, I've been lurking through Y!JA ever since! 

I wore this dress casually, as in, this outfit was not an intended lolita coord. 
Though, there was this girl who had approached me that day to compliment my outfit!
She instantly recognized that I was wearing an AP dress and was very ecstatic about it.
She barely knew english, I assumed she was from somewhere in South America. 
We get lots of tourists from other countries thanks to all of the theme parks located around here.
She was such a sweet heart, and I should of asked her if she had known any Spanish ...
I instantly thought she was Brazilian so I didn't bother to ask. (;△;)

Wearing this dress the entire day without a petticoat, blouse and OTK's was extremely relieving.
Florida is no lolita's best friend, most of us dread the thought of layering on too much.
A few weeks ago, a girl from our lolita comm had asked if it would be appropriate to wear
her sailor themed lolita dress without a blouse.
Everyone was pretty much for it and not a single soul was against it.
 Plus, that dress looked really appropriate without a blouse so it would of worked out either way!

Back to my non-lolita coord,  in this outfit shot I'm wearing simply the dress,
 the barrette that was included and a black peignoir.  This dress was so comfortable that 
it made me think back on all of the similar dresses to this that AP had released. 

(From left to right: Toy Drops, Sweetie Violet, and Cosmic)

While thinking about these dresses, I've suddenly developed a profound love for these type!
The three above I'll definitely be on the look out for!


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