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I've always admired an outfit with a fun theme. I personally believe those are the outfits
that leave a statement, that are more memorable ... The ones with a story to tell. For most
people clothes are just clothes. 

Clothes are just a necessity, clothes are just meant to emphasize beauty, and clothes are 
meant to follow through with a purpose of impressing someone for  what ever reason.

 Any outfit that emphasizes a theme and are able to successfully convey it are 
truly wonderful. The time and effort put into coordinating such an outfit is also remarkable.
 Most  intricate forms of artistic expression are almost always well thought out. 

It's been something that truly uplifts my spirits as I've always felt the urge to do something creative.
 It was just, there was  no specified outlet for me to release my creativity to. Of course, lolita came into play and I had finally found a creative outlet that suits me. Although, I have been a lolita for years, I still felt that I haven't improved as a lolita ...

 I decided to myself months ago that all of that was going to change.

A few months ago I had received the Flim-Flam Holiday of a Musical Band JSK in Black
(in the above photo) and the little marching band top hat from AATP. The theme of the print is Alice
(from Alice in Wonderland) and she is seen leading a marching band parade of animals. 

To fit the print's theme, I had reserved the top hat along with the dress. Though, 
I had no idea how to exactly coordinate this sort of outfit. I was just going to
go based off of anything that I could use to create a marching band feel to this dress.
I've actually worn the dress before for a con but, I randomly just threw an outfit together for it.

I had no idea that months later I'd run into a matching jacket for the top hat!

Presenting, Bodyline's L470, a cropped military style velveteen jacket. 
Bodyline gives you the color option of either black or wine. 
They also have size options for this from small to ... Double large? I never knew
what 2L truly meant. I'm assuming people just go straight to the measurements. 

I bought this in a small and it fits perfectly. 

Bodyline's medium tends to feel baggy around my arms and shoulders.  
I fell in love with this jacket the moment I had a chance to wear it!
I've bought a lot of Bodyline throughout the years and it can be a hit or miss.
Though, with this jacket I feel that its pretty decent and I've had my doubts prior to buying it.
As plenty lolitas will agree, Bodyline's stock photos never do justice to their decent/good items.
I would highly suggest this if you are into kodona and/or ouji as I can definitely envision 
this jacket with a more boystyle look. 

(These images were taken from google!)

I've also found two brooches off of bodyline that match really well with the theme.

All I'm missing are a pair of socks or tights, a pair of shoes (maybe) and a baton.
Also, maybe a few more accessories? We'll see. I definitely would love to DIY a baton ...
Maybe a customized black and gold baton?! Let's hope! 

Upon receiving the jacket and brooches from Bodyline, I've also received a pair of brown shoes.

These were originally bought to go along with this floral
 pirate-esque Infanta dress I bought a while ago.
The dress is brown and I have no shoes to go with it.
It's not too bad as the Infanta dress won't be the only brown dress I'll own ... 

I'll leave that second brown dress as a surprise for later! 

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