Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Revival of My An*tai*na Tea Party Shoes

I decided to take up a little project with my old pairs of Tea Party Shoes.
I own both a pink and blue pair of An*tai*na's replica Tea Parties shoes
 (originally from Angelic Pretty) and I've owned them for over 3 years ... 
They've lasted quite a long time but recently I took notice
on how much damage they've endured throughout the years. 

I was extremely close to just throwing them in the trash.
These shoes have really taken a beaten. 

Though, before actually throwing these shoes away, 
a thought about spray painting them came to mind.  It would of been my first time spray painting
 a  pair of shoes and so I figured, why not try it out? I wouldn't risk much since I originally wanted
 to throw them away. After I decided to spray paint these shoes, I immediately went to the nearest
art supply store and bought two cans of spray paint in the closest color to the original.

(The Miss Piggy name for the pink made me chuckle)

The colors I chose are a tad bit more bold compared to An*tai*na's original pink and blue for the
shoes. I realized that I do prefer the color to pop out a bit and I was content with that.  
 I believe the original color on them had faded out so the original pink and blue colors appeared more dull. I didn't realize the dullness in the colors only until after comparing both the shoes and spray paint colors.

The brand for the spray paint I bought is called Montana and its from their Montana BLACK series. I chose them out of pure impulse. So far, I can say that this spray paint seems to be good and the paint itself is definitely true to their intended colors. I'm not an expert on spray painting or anything art-related so don't take what I just said to heart. This isn't meant to be a DIY tutorial but more of a personal DIY experience I wanted to share through pictures. ☆

Of course, even if I suck at crafting and DIY's ... It didn't hurt to try to incorporate some creativity!

The end result?

They're not perfect but its a good start so far! Next time I'll make sure to utilize actual masking 
tape rather than using duck tape ... If you want things to look flawless, you can't be cheap about it. 

I actually have plans of spray painting more stuff! For example, I have these white pair of 
Bodyline shoes that I possibly might want to spray paint into navy. I was trying to look for a pair
of lolita shoes in navy but it's not as easy. You only have two options, you either blow off $200 on
 a pair of Angelic Pretty shoes or you turn to An*tai*na.

 Though, I really do not feel like going through a shopping service for either brand for
 only one single item. If I get completely desperate, I'll highly spray painting for the nearby future. 

I'll admit, it was loads of fun dealing with spray paint. ☆

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