Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cameo Window Slash Angelic Pretty Haul Slash Lots of Pictures. ~

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What a busy week it's been! Two Monday's ago was my first day of the
 fall semester at my University and since then  I've been completely focuses on buying textbooks, reading the first couple of chapters for them, figuring out my assignments and working ... 

Aside from starting school, two weeks ago I received a dress from
 Angelic Pretty's Cameo Window print series.  

I've also bought the corresponding tights that belong to this series but I decided against the
the head bow for this dress. Another head bow on Angelic Pretty's website appeared more
appealing so, I went for it. I bought these ivory colored wristcuffs as well, they seem to harmonize with the dress itself. 

Here's the full coordinate that I have planned out for this dress: 

 I took advantage of this Angelic Pretty haul and 
I bought the matching pair of OTK's for my Dream Sky JSK. 

I've been so anxious about wearing most of my new lolita stuff! 
I haven't had the time to actually plan a coordinate or to find more items to add on. 
It's also been unbearably hot in Florida for the past month. Sometimes, not even a pair
of shorts and a tank top can suffice. I spend most of my time indoors and even at that the
air conditioner isn't enough. I am definitely really hyped about fall and winter. Although, our fall's
and early winters are still occupied by summer-like weather,  it's still less hot in temperature compared to the actual summer heat. 

Again, I am truly looking forward to wearing lolita sometime soon!

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