Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My 1st Attempt at Shironuri.✧˖ °

After a year or two of admiring shironuri's, I did what I needed to do. 
I did a bit of research on theatrical makeup, tried to come up with an outfit, and took
a deep breath while hoping for the best on my first attempt. 

Looking back at the pictures, I realized that I should most likely try to experiment with different types of theatrical makeup. Also, I FORGOT TO BUY GLOVES. When I had attempted this look, I did not step outside of my room and bathroom. This was purely an experimental experience and when I improve I will be able to feel more comfortable with exposing myself more in shironuri.  For the white base,  I used Mehron's Clown White Makeup.  So far, I do really like the durability that this makeup provides.  I can last hours with this stuff on. I can use a little amount of the product and it evenly covers my entire face. The only issues I had that the white makeup does start to crease around my eyelids. Overall, I need to venture out into the world of theater makeup. I need to see the type of
products that exist out there that can be compatible with shironuri.  I have also tried Ben Nye's Clown White Makeup as well and it is exactly the same type of product as Mehron's Clown White Makeup. 

Another important aspect that needs to drastically improve is the lack of originality. The ram horns, the questionable theme, the "plainness", the headband and the outfit do not naturally blend well ... I've been possibly staring at images of Minori for so long that shironuri has transformed itself into something beyond just "white face makeup" for me. I would love to create a form of my own self-expression with shironuri, just like Minori has. 

(If you are unaware of who Minori is, watch this youtube video.)  

So, in conclusion to my first attempt, I feel proud of myself for actually trying shironuri.
My next step is to keep explore, learn and experiment more with this style. 
I'm juggling between improving my lolita style and improving my personal life.
Shironuri will be treated as a side project and I do hope that it eventually becomes more than that.

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  1. You look so magical :O and for your 1st attempt I have to say you did an amazingly well :D love love love the head piece with the ram horns :D