Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"I was raised in the countryside, I saw beauty there."

At around late October I had the chance to finally try out Shironuri. 
What is Shironuri? Here's how it has been defined on Wikipedia:

"Shironuri literally means 'painted in white'. It is so called because people who dress in the shironuri style wear white makeup. This is the only rule of shironuri, although traditional Japanese fashion elements (kimonos, hakama, etc.) are common, as well as elements of gothic lolita style. Minori is a well-known shironuri artist who has been interviewed by"

Let's take a quick look at this well-known shironuri artist, Minori:

Her multiple looks are breath taking, are they not? She takes her role as a shironuri very seriously.
One of the main quirks about her that I admire is the fact that she has an infatuation with
nature. She has taken a whole different approach to the style; From your usual 'goth-ish' inspired shironuri looks to a more captivating in essence looks.

Here are the different other looks that exist under the shironuri genre:

Alright, was this a good little intro to Shironuri? I hope so!

If you want to follow more on this look, I highly suggest following the shironuri tag on tumblr
Also, for anyone wanting to follow up on Minori, from what I am aware of she has a Facebook
page and a tumblr.

Here are links for both: 

This is just a simple introduction to the style before I proceed with the sequel for this post with my own attempt at shironuri. ~

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