Sunday, November 30, 2014

✧˖°Running Out of Space and Wardrobe Collection.°˖✧

After three to four years of somewhat being a 'dedicated' lolita, I have finally reached the point
of limited space in my closet. My lolita clothes were stored in my main closet along side with my normal clothes. At the beginning of 2014, I had declared this year to be: "THE YEAR OF LOLITA". This was the year I would buy more dresses, and it was the year I would actually force myself to attend my first meet up. Yes, I needed to force myself to attend a meet up from my local lolita community. That, I have been aware of for years. I did lack the confidence in my socializing skills to be able to partake in frilly related conversations. It did stop me from reaching out to my community until I had entered a mindset of pushing aside any lolita related insecurities. 

I am grateful that I actually started to interact and attend meet ups because the members in our community are incredibly nice and easygoing. 

Although, I'll never forget the first two people who approached me at my first meet up. The first person was a girl who was only living in Orlando because she was a participant in the Disney's College Program. The second girl was visiting from Canada and the meet up was dedicated to having a chance to meet her. If you can guess it, I was dying of excitement from within as the girl from Canada approached me. I'd like to believe that she most likely felt the anxiety manifesting from me and decided to somehow comfort me with a conversation. It worked, I felt more comfortable and less nervous. The girl who was a CP (that's what we call the college program participants) was also engaging in a lot of conversations with me. I'll never forget how relieved I felt the moment I had a chance to feel at ease. From then on, the meet up ended up being very lovely.

Whoops, I went a bit off topic. 

Going back to the "THE YEAR OF LOLITA" spiel, I have bought more lolita items within 2014 than from within any years prior. Lolita was quickly accumulating in my closet to the point where I was starting to run out of room. It was stressing me out to look over at my closet and see ALL of my clothes crammed together. 

It was also more difficult to find a particular shirt or blouse when all of my clothes were jammed together. 
Around a week and a half ago, I decided to invest in a portable wardrobe.

While transferring my lolita stuff to the new wardrobe, I decided to take photos of my dress collection and post them on here.
 This will also act as a good way for me to keep track of print names and such. 

(from left to right)

。 Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy OP in Sax 。 (2009)
。 Angelic Pretty's Magical Etoile OP in Red 。  (2014)
。 Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story OP in Ivory 。 (2010)

(from left to right)

。 Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky JSK in Navy 。 (2013)
。 Angelic Pretty's Cameo Window JSK in Brown 。 (2014)
。 Angelic Pretty's Cat Tea Party JSK set in Pink 。 (2012)
。 Angelic Pretty's Lyrical Party JSK in Pink 。 (2011)

(from left to right)

。 Angelic Pretty's Candy Treat JSK in Black 。 (2010)
。 Angelic Pretty's Whimsical Vanilla-chan Skirt in Lavender 。 (2010)

(from left to right)

。 Alice and the Pirates Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II in Red 。 (2013)
。 Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Merry Sweet Castle JSK in White 。 (2009)
。 Alice and the Pirates Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band JSK in Black 。 (2014)

(from left to right)

。 Innocent World's Arabesque Rose JSK in Ivory 。 (2011)
。 Metamorphose's Vintage Poodle Double Frill Skirt in White 。 (2007) 

(from left to right)

。 Bodyline's Soft Cream (L252) Skirt in Mint (or Green) 。 (2011)
。 Infanta's Black Sugary Tea Vintage Vest JSK in Beige x Brown 。 (2013)
。 Infanta's Golden Circus JSK in Black 。 (2013) 

(˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈  )~
Buying a portable wardrobe for lolita was truly a life saver. 
It certainly isn't as cute as other ones I've seen, but I still love it.
My closest looks a tad bit better.

Also, I never knew the name of the Innocent World dress until this post.
I spent quite some time trying to find the name of that specific JSK. 
I'm glad now I know it's name!

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