Friday, December 12, 2014

Lolita Photo Dump: International Lolita Day Disney Weekend Getaway

As I have stated on my last entry, last weekend I had the privilege of attending an event called:

The event was such a success, that moderators from my community decided to plan this again for 2016!

The event was hosted from Friday through Sunday. I had only attended Saturday and Sunday. I thought I was only going to go on Saturday, but there was a last minute change in plans! I was having too much fun on Saturday that I felt a mighty need to return back on Sunday! During those two days, I accompanied my newfound and lovely frilly gal named Kianni!

On Saturday, we had spent the entire day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and then we had transitioned over to WDW's Grand Floridian Resort for an afternoon tea session. There, I had a chance to meet out of state lolitas who had came to Florida for the event. I also had a chance to socialize with a few lolitas from my community that I rarely get to see. We then, proceeded to take lots of photos and ended the night with returning back to Magic Kingdom. On Sunday, we went to WDW's Hollywood Studios and we were casually lounging around. 

I have been to WDW in full blown lolita numerous amount of times. Though, it feels more fulfilling when you visit the parks in a group of lolitas! It is a lot of fun except for all of the wandering tourists who literally stop us to ask why we are in "costume". I have no problem with explaining to people repeatedly about what lolita fashion is. The only tedious part about it is that most people will always stop you to ask an array of questions regarding to your outfit. From my experience of wearing lolita alone versus wearing lolita in a group of lolitas ...  Strangers are more curious and are keen on asking an entire group as to why they are dressed in a certain way. "What's the occasion??" Is the question we have received the most during our time at WDW. 

I can see why my lolita community at one point wanted to create business cards! 
Thankfully, most people are not inherently rude or ill-mannered. 
Kianni did most of the explanation for the day and she did it so gracefully. 
She even explains to people about our community and where to join.

Speaking of which, the moderators from my community are going to be hosting a lolita conference at around December of 2015! The moderators from the community have hosted and are about to host events through their organization called, Dream Fantasy Theatre. They are all working very hard to make these events possible and I commend them for their effort. 

Phew, finally time for photos right?

I would of taken more photos, though we had a couple of lolitas bring their own cameras. There was one in particular whose boyfriend was a photographer. To keep it short, there were so many photos taken by everyone else that at a certain points I would tuck my camera away. I find it relieving when people are just as enthusiastic about taking pictures as I am! 

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  1. These photos are so gorgeous ♥