Friday, March 22, 2013


Leaving off from the previous post, I had said I would make a post completely dedicated 
to my figurine haul from Megacon.

Well ...

Are you guys ready for my figurine spam?!

I sure am! Let's do this! 

Let's start off with Sayaka from Madoka Magica.~

I really love the blush detail on her face and her stance is just adorable.
The only issue is the cape kept falling off so I just decided on leaving it off. 
Also, I love her magical girl outfit so I just couldn't resist buying this one.

Mami's facial expression is what made me buy her versus the
 other Mami figurines at the convention. There wasn't a huge amount of Madoka Magica 
stuff to choose from though there were different chibi versions of the same characters
(such as the above for example).  I really love how she's holding her soul gem as well! 
It reminds me of the series when she was somewhat explaining to Madoka and Sayaka 
about soul gems.

Kyoko is in her true essence with her stance, her smirk, and in her normal clothes instead
of her magical girl clothes. I really like her eyes in this figurine as well as it just seems
to pop out more for some reason. 

This one was a really interesting for some reason. I can't talk too much about
 Homura since I would end up spoiling the series... She is in fact one my favorite characters
 from the show so seeing her like this made me smile. There's a lot of significance involved 
when it comes to Homura's appearance with this figurine. As well as her outfit and hairstyle say a lot
so does her facial expression. Her hands on her chest also helps heighten up your senses
when you see Homura like this. Some of your focus goes towards her soul gem on her hand.
I guess these details I've noticed were probably triggered by what I know about her and what
she had to do go through. Her character in general is groundbreaking, making her relatable to anyone
with a caring heart.  

Last but not least out of my Madoka Magica haul, is Madoka herself. In which, I 
did not expect getting her! I had bought one of those blind box thingies that Japan
loves so much and ended up getting Madoka out of luck! I was really happy with that result even though it wouldn't have mattered which character I got. 

(random finger in the background lol)

Rei is my favorite from the Evangelion series. 
I own a bunch of Rei's already and it never hurts to always buy more.

Asuka looks very timid and bashful for some reason. xD
It amuses me and that was probably the reason why I bought her.

I've taken a great liking to Mari as of late.
The more I look at her, the more I start to admire her?
I don't understand much of it myself but I'm glad they created her for Evangelion Rebuild series. 

I'm so glad that I was able to obtain the figurines that I wanted. 
I didn't have any specific figurines in mind but I felt really content with what I bought. 
Its what my goals were, basically any Evangelion figurines or Madoka Magica ones.
Leena also bought herself Madoka Magica figurines as that was her goal too!
It felt really nice shopping around like that with someone who is looking for the same things as you are.
So, you both end up fangirling together and finding certain things that the other might like.~

Do you have a figurine collection of your own? 
Do you have any future hobbies you'd like to start on?

P.S.--> I have been on a figurine kick as of late! I'm not sure what it is
but I'll have my occasional moments where I'm buying lots of figurines/toys. 

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