Saturday, June 22, 2013

Circle Lenses Review: Geo Super Nudy Grey Lenses. ☆彡

See! I'd say I 'd start creating more reviews and here we are!

Well, these are the Geo Super Nudy Grey Lenses in which I've bought these from
You see, the thing with me is that before I can review something I have to be able to either wear
it or use it for a long period of time. That can last from either two weeks or a month. Majority of my 
time is spent working so I barely have time to try something out simply to just try it out. Also, I
feel more comfortable with the idea of a lengthy period when it comes to seeing how much I like
an item. Its how I'll really know how to base my opinion on a product. Though, I must say
I give loads of respect those those bloggers who are constantly reviewing products for their
sponsors. It definitely does not look easy and its probably annoying having to prepare
for each review. Though, I guess if you actually think about it ... Its pretty much a job. You get the
product for free and in return you give the item a review helping out your sponsor.

So, I've been wearing these lenses constantly for weeks now ...

Color ☆彡

These are pretty much what I expected to be in terms of color. The grey really does pop out. 
My eye color is a really dark brown and grey was always a color I feared with circle lenses.
Grey and Pink's I fear actually due to the fact that they might not show up as well on my eyes ...
But the grey for these are definitely living up to my expectations on how I like my grey lenses.

Enlargement ☆彡

The size for these are 14.8mm. 
I'm a huge fan when it comes to enlargement and these for sure satisfy my
enlargement needs. 

Comfort ☆彡
Geo lenses are always super comfy for me especially the Princess Mimi's so I wasn't surprised to
find these to be really comfy. They don't dry out as quickly so that's always a plus. 

Overall ☆彡

I've been wearing these lenses nonstop this month and I must must MUST say ...
 These are my now new second favorite pair of lenses.
With my first favorite being the Geo Princess Mimi aka Bambi Apple Green.
I'm in love with the color and they've been my to go lenses as of late.
If you ever feel afraid of taking the risk of buying grey lenses ESPECIALLY when you have
dark brown eyes ...

I highly recommend.

They're my first pair of grey ones and I'm already in love!  


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