Wednesday, June 26, 2013



I feel so sore and weak ... 
I feel exhausted from working so much.

One of the top things I always complain about work is that ...
How I have to wake up at around 4am for work, how I struggle to stay awake for 
the rest of the day, how terrible my face looks on some days from the lack of sleep, and
 I have only have one day off each week.

I barely have time for a lot of my personal things I'd like to do ...
For example, properly cleaning and organizing my room!
There are still a few items here and there that I need to properly put away.
Though, one of the first things that definitely needed to be organized was my desk.

Its not super uguu kawaii but I love it!
For some strange reason I just wanted to keep things simple and less cluttered.

I still remember how I first organized/decorated this desk a few years ago ...

To think, I decorated this desk sometime back in 2011!
Also, a lot of memories come up from looking at this picture ...
Some I'm not very fond of ... Some that are somewhat nice. 

The year 2011 was not a really good one for me. 

These past two years in general was just one thing after another and it all carried onto this year as well.
I'm trying my best to look at a more positive side to things. 
Working so early in the morning is in fact taking its toll ...

I don't mind it, though, I wish the lack of proper sleep isn't so harsh on my body. 

Besides dealing with work, I've been fairly content with this past week!
All of my items I bought over on eBay, Lens Village, and Pinky Paradise all arrived within this week!
Its insane how fast these items arrived ... I was honestly shocked. My wig from eBay arrived ...My Rei Ayanami wig that is! I have to put it on and see how in the world I'm going to style it ...
I'm not really hair savvy ... So, I'm hoping that I can just figure things out on my own without
 any issues. I'm pretty nervous about approaching the wig in general ... 
Again, I've never cosplayed before, so this preparation feels REALLY nerve wrecking.

My Vassen Dolly Plus Red lenses arrived a long with these other pair of lenses!
Also, my Diamond Lash falsies arrived as well. 
I really cannot wait to be able to try out all of these new things. 

Seeing all of these items arrive has just been the highlight of my week ...

That and watching Monsters University this past Monday. 
I did not expect this "prequel" to be so much fun to watch.
I really did not expect the outcome near the end of the film. xD
Its definitely worth the watch if you've ever watched Monster Inc.
I highly recommend it. ♥

Here's the outfit I wore to go watch Monsters University:

I really need to buy more bodyline skirts and dresses.
It felt really nice wearing this out just  to casually hang out with some friends.

Though, in all honesty I ended up ripping off most of my lolita garments after arriving to my friend's place.

It was so blazing hot that day. 

When was the last time you had terrible sleep?
What caused it?

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