Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup Review: Dariya Palty Eyebrow Mascara Light Brown. ☆彡

Discretion: I am not an expert when it comes to handling and applying makeup.
I do not claim to be one neither.
I'm simply reviewing this product for what it is. ]

This eyebrow mascara was something I actually bought and
 received back in early March I believe ...
Or I think it was sometime in February I received this item. 
I'm not quite sure! I just know I've been using this for some time now.
As you can see, eyebrows are not really my forte. 

Though! I'm trying my best to learn and become better at them.
The type of eyebrows I'd love to master are the ones you see on most Gyaru's.

These eyebrows do take a bit of skill as you're basically trying to make them look subtle.
On top of that, you have to pretty much shave most of your eyebrows off for this type.

In all honesty, I'm afraid of doing that ...

Reason for that just has to do with the fact that I can't draw eyebrows for the life of me.
So, until I can actually try out legit Gyaru eyebrows, I'll just stick to practicing and just
try to understand eyebrows in general. 

Alrighty, so before buying this I actually looked up reviews for this product.
What I noticed what most girls did was that they applied the mascara over their eyebrows but
they didn't give them any shape. They simply only applied on eyebrow mascara but nothing else.

When I first tried out this product I use to do exactly that; I would just apply the mascara on the
eyebrows but nothing else. Granted, the product worked wonderfully but then after a while I 
came to my senses and just made sure to shape my eyebrows with pencil before applying on the mascara.

My main intentions of buying this eyebrow mascara was to see if it would actually work.
I didn't want to have to go through the trouble of permanently tinting my eyebrows so this
alternative seemed plausible. I actually really like the color it gives on my eyebrows! Also, I believe
it makes coloring your eyebrows a lot easier ... You can always start out shaping them with an
eyebrow pencil and finish the rest of the coloring with this stuff. 

Though, how effective this product is depends on the person from what I can already tell.
Some girls say that the product doesn't last all day and some say that it rubs off easily.
In my case, the product does end up lasting hours but if I were to slightly rub on it then it rubs off. 
So, the effectiveness of its durability isn't too great BUT I do really love how well it colors my eyebrows! 

I actually bought another of this type of eyebrow mascara in the same color again.
I really do enjoy this product for what it is and I'm willing to stick by it until I find another
just as good (or even better) alternative. I bought this product on eBay though its sort of rare
to buy on the internet ... There's also VERY few of this product available on eBay and the colors
are limited as well. All I can find on eBay is just Light Brown and Golden Brown.

I actually would not mind trying out Golden Brown ...
I'll have to buy it sometime in the future and try it out for myself. 

Overall, do I recommend this product? 

I would only recommend it to those who are pretty good at fixing up their eyebrows.
I believe for more experienced people this product might be of good use.
Also, they would know to properly use this product.
Though, for beginners such as myself and people who've never dealt with eyebrows?
I would just hold off on this until a few skills are developed.

I'm going to try and get better at drawing and shaping eyebrows so that I can use this
product to its true potential. I'd like to personally believe this mascara isn't just for 
applying on, you have to use with something else to create a 'cleaner' look for your eyebrows.


  1. Where did you by this? :0
    Your eyebrows look lovely!

  2. I bought this one on ebay! You can find a few of them for sale on there ... If not, I believe if you google the name other online shops might have this as well. c: