Tuesday, July 9, 2013



Heeeellooooo! ★彡

Ahh, I'm REALLY excited for what the future holds!
All of the stuff I've ordered these past 3 weeks came in around the same time ...
Which was fairly quick I must say!
I'm still surprised at how quickly these items were shipped out.
Basically, these are all of what I ordered:

As I've mentioned before, I'm sort of preparing a simple Rei Ayanami cosplay for this anime convention
coming up. All I'm missing are Rei's pair of white shoes and I'll be somewhat done ...
I have an issue on hand that troubles me but I'm hoping I can resolve it with no problems.
The wig I bought for Rei has the perfect color, the perfect layers (the picture above doesn't
do justice, the wig looks a lot better in person) though, the only issue is the fringe.
I'm assuming the fringe was left untouched so that the buyer can customized the fringe to their liking.
I  have no problems with that because its definitely convenient for most people ...
Though for me, I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I don't want to take the wig to a hairstylist because I don't trust them. On top of that, I have had
this same experience before ... It seemed like the hair stylist didn't know what she was doing and 
messed up the wig. I'm contemplating about bothering one of my good friends for help.
Though,  I have no idea how busy they are and whether they're brave enough to tackle the challenge. 
I guess its not much of a challenge since its only the fringe... 

I'd preferably like the fringe to look like this:

If anything I'll come up with any idea or something will eventually come to mind ...
It does not have to look exactly like the above but similar. 

I also have to come up with the right type of makeup for this!
I'm feeling pretty nervous.

As well as the convention is coming up so is this concert I bought a ticket for!

The concert is for this band called Anamanaguchi.
They're a chiptune band that created the whole soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
and they've  created the opening song for the Bravest Warriors web series.
I got into them two years ago because of my ex-boyfriend. He was really into the Scott Pilgrim game 
and while he played the game I was somewhere in the background listening to him play. 
Also, I'm a Bravest Warriors fan as well so I was pretty excited to recognize Anamanaguchi from the 
opening song. My ex and I have actually been to a concert of theirs back in early 2011. It was fun
but ... not a really memorable experience. Anamanaguchi themselves were awesome though, the people
I went with were just ... Bleh. This time around, I'm going with the right type of people.
I'm getting really good vibes from this upcoming concert so I'm really hyped for it!

Both the convention and the concert are on the same week
Its pretty nerve wrecking now that I think about it ...
Not only do I have to prepare Rei's cosplay BUT I have an outfit for prepared 
for the Anamanaguchi concert. It consists of those pair of platform sneakers and the lilac school 
girl uniform that are seen in the collage above. I also bought a wig at this local hair supply store
 that I'll be incorporating into the overall look. I'm not sure on how exactly should I style the wig
or what accessories to incorporate yet ... I'm not sure on what I should do when it comes to the
makeup ... Ahhhhhhh. 

( TДT)

What do you prefer when it comes
to styling hair ... Your natural hair or fake hair?

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