Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Welp, the month of August went by really quickly!
I honestly did not realize how fast the days would go by ... Its already September!
To think that every time I had a blog post in my mind I'd tell myself, "Oh, I'll
just wait until tomorrow to write one." 

Obviously, that never happened up until this point.

For starters, lately I have been taken a huge liking of all of my selfies for August!

It feels like an accomplishment to realize how far I've gone with my style and makeup.
Looking through these motivated me to go through all of my older selfies from the past.

Circle lenses and falsies really do make a big difference.
Although, I've told myself how I do not want to depend on circle lenses to feel pretty ...
The circle lenses have me in way too deep and sometimes I'd feel too dull without them on.
I suppose this is the norm when it comes to these kinds of things?
I remember how I used to wear hair extensions for a few months back when I was 19.
I became so addicted that if I didn't have my extensions on I'd feel incomplete.
★ ~☆

I was pretty much on a roll in the beginning of August when it came it dressing up more.
I've tried to make it my goal to always try and focus more on my appearance.
Though, that was a bust by the end of the month due to the fact that I ended up
attracting a nasty cold ... Then, the cold worsened and I ended up getting a bad case of bronchitis.
(* ̄m ̄)

Its lasted for a week and half  now ...
I mean, I'm STILL not fully recovered from it.
I ended up losing my voice and had to call out of work last Monday.
Its been really annoying in all honesty and I've just been praying that it goes away forever.
Whenever I get badly ill like this it always seems to throw me off my regular routine.
I've felt nothing but weak, tired, and brain dead for days and days.

On a good note, there have been a few things that have kept me sane and content. 

Boyfriend, Nanda Collection, and Christmas (and Halloween)!

Nanda Collection is simply just aamaaazing!
I'm convinced Kyary is incapable of disappointing me, there's no doubt about that.
I'll have to probably write a mini review about the album.
Either a review or just a post dedicated to random nanda collection picture spam.

Certain stores in my area have already started selling Christmas/Halloween stuff.
I've always wanted to legitimately go out with a bang when it came to these holidays.
Now that I have the opportunity to go all out I think I'll take advantage! Or try to at least!

I've always wanted to decorate my own personal Christmas tree so that's definitely going to happen.
I've also wanted to decorate my room and make it all Halloweenish ... Though, chances of that
happening are so and so. I might just try to combine both elements of Christmas and Halloween
and have a Nightmare Before Christmas motif going on. The possibilities are endless and I'm eager
for the time to come in which I can buy all of my supplies. ♡

I'm extremely excited!

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