Sunday, September 22, 2013


These past two weeks have just been filled with one unexpected event after the other.
Since it's been pretty busy, I've just been all over the place.

Although, one good event in particular is the main event that I'm ultimately looking forward to.
Kyary is having another world tour!

I am ecstatic and surprised at how quickly she's having another tour! 
Her last tour was about 5 months ago ...
I find it insane how another one is right around the corner!
Also, she'll be performing at more North American places than last time. 
For example, she'll be performing at Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, 
Los Angeles, Chicago, and Times Square. 

In Kyary's last tour she performed at the Best Buy Theater at Times Square and for
the 2014 tour she'll be performing at the same venue again.
Kyary's tour also includes another VIP Meet and Greet event in which ...
Four of my closest friends, my boyfriend, and myself have all managed to snag up VIP tickets.

I actually had a VIP ticket for the last tour as well.

It was quite embarrassing what happened prior to meeting Kyary. 
Right when it was my turn to greet her and have my picture taken with her ...

My beret flies off of my head.
Then, I spin around like a goof and picked up my beret.
She giggled at me, so I guess in a way I made her laugh.
(Even if she was laughing at me instead of with me lol)

Of course,  it doesn't just end there as when I slapped my beret back on
and posed next to Kyary for the photo ...

The beret decides to fly off again.

 In which, Kyary was nice enough to bend down and pick it up for me. 
Then, she gracefully slapped the beret back onto my head and
patted the top of it in hopes that it'll stay on. 

Then she smiled at me and we proceed posing for our picture.


... !!!!

ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) 。o♥

At that moment, I honestly did not want to leave Kyary's side.

Besides the concert, I'm extremely looking forward to experiencing really cold weather.
That's what I've missed the most about New York in all honesty.

Since I live in Florida, our winters tend to not feel like winter at all.
Our winters are more like nothing but awful humidity and the irritating sun radiating 
its excruciating heat waves onto our faces. 

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that we'll have a cold winter in Florida for once.
Meanwhile, I've been browsing through online shops and stuff for winter clothing.

It'll mainly be used for the trip to New York but if it happens to get really cold in Florida
than I'll actually have some good use for all of the clothes. ★

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